There Are Other Games You Can Play?Many new people who start playing paintball may find that they get bored playing the same old elimination games. Playing the same old game can get very boring, but luckily several people made up some new ones. I have put together a hub of some of my favorites, and a few variations of play that can make any day out playing paintball a better one.
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1) EliminationI decided to do this first since this seems to be the most common game played, but there are plenty of variations that you can play with to make the game a little more exciting.

There are two teams, whose objective is to eliminate everyone the other team.

If you’re shot, you’re out.

There are no sides/territories, it’s basically a free-for all-once the game begins

Instead of playing 1-shot your out, play 3-shots your out. This makes the game more strategic and also makes the game longer.

Play with only 10 paintballs in your hopper. This forces you to conserve and makes the game more about technique than about lucky shots.

Find a partner and tie your legs together. Have everyone else do the same. This really forces you to work together with that person. However, if the other team is uncoordinated, you could have an easy win. (Don’t do this in a place where you could get hurt by falling)

There can be more than one team if you have enough people.

2) Capture The FlagThis may be the second most popular game due to it’s easy set up. All you need to play is some people and something that can function as a flag.

Almost the same as Elimination, however, the goal is not to eliminate the other team, it is to get the other team’s flag back to you’re side.

There are sides on this game. Usually the split is right down the center of the field, but it can vary based on preferences.

In some games, it is easier to just have one flag in the center of the field instead of a flag on each side. This makes each team fight in the center of the field instead of spreading out.

If you have only a few players, make a rule that says that players who have been out for more than a minute may comeback in at an entry point. This keeps the game from becoming a one-on-one stalemate.

You can play at night and change the flag to a glowstick on a pole. Each team can see the flag, but can each team see each other?

See all 5 photos A paintball grenade. 3) SupermanSuperman is one of the most hardcore paintball games ever created, and is definitely not for those who can’t take getting shot once, or twice, or five times. (DO NOT LET KIDS PLAY THIS GAME!!!)


You are only out when you call yourself out. Ex: You are shot one-hundred times, you have no paint and no air. You still aren’t out until you say you are.

You win the game by being the last one in the game.


You can play team superman, but this can get bloody and very dangerous. Make sure that if you play this way, don’t shoot at just one person.

Some people bring all sorts of homemade equipment like shields and personal tanks.
People tend to play this game as the last game of the day, so that they can get rid of all their paint and air. This tends to make people lose their judgment of what seems like a reasonable amount of times to shoot a person and how far away to shoot them. I have seen people with welts that were bleeding profusely. Have fun, but be considerate as well.

4) Civil WarNo, this game is not about a team that splits up and betrays each other. It is about the way that people in the civil war fought. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then here is what would happen.
People from each side would line up a certain distance from each other and just fire at each other. If you got hit, you died. There wasn’t a lot of protection, and there won’t be any for you in this game.

Split into teams of two and walk away from each other. It really doesn’t matter the distance, but it needs to be far enough so that it isn’t easy to hit a person on the other team.

Full auto and three round burst should not be used in this game.

Each team will take turns shooting at each other. For example, team 1 will line up and the whole team will fire one shot from each gun. They will then stand there (still in line) while the other team fires at them.

After each team has fired once, they will both take one step forward. This way, this distance will get closer and closer.

You win when all players of the other team are eliminated.

If you have a lot of people (20 to 100), you can divide the teams into two and have the players line up behind each other so that you have something that looks like this:

This line-up allows each team to rotate players and makes the game last a lot longer.

Some people like to play with no head shots (head shots don’t count). This makes it so that a player doesn’t purposefully aim for another person’s head.

See all 5 photos Your line should look like this. 5) PresidentPresident is effectively a game of team elimination, but with more than one objective. There are two teams, each one with a nickname. Usually it is the Secret Service and the assassins.

The Secret Service’s objective is to transport the president to a safe area. If the president is shot or if all the Secret Service players are destroyed, then the game is over and the assassins win.

The assassin’s objective is to keep the president from reaching the safe spot. They can either kill all of the Secret Service or kill/capture the president. If the President reaches the safe spot, they lose the game.

In a typical game, the president is not allowed to have a gun.

The Secret Service may have all the ammunition and guns that the can carry, while the assassins are limited to just one gun and a hopperful of paintballs.

If there isn’t a lot of room to play, then you can change the rules so that the Secret Service must attempt to kill all the assassins. The president must stay in one place if this these are the new rules.

6) AliensThis game is sort of like elimination, but instead you will choose two people out of your group to become aliens. The rest of your group will be humans.

Aliens can only be killed by a head shot.

If a human is shot by an alien, he becomes infected. But he still cannot become an alien until one of the following rules is completed (You can use one or all):

He is touched by another alien.

30 seconds passes.

If an alien is shot, he dies and cannot be revived as a human.

The game ends when all the humans become aliens, or when all the aliens are dead.

The game is sometimes called zombies, which is when a small group of people (2-4) have to defend themselves from the zombies. The zombies are not allowed weapons, but they can only be killed with head shots. If the zombies touch one of the players, they die and drop their weapon and become a zombie.

See all 5 photos Glow in the dark paintballs, which are very useful in nighttime games. 500 Paintball Pellets .68 Caliber Buy Now 7) Nighttime EliminationPlaying at night is a lot of fun, however it is often very difficult to see anyone, and sometimes you can end up shooting someone on your own team. This method is made to eliminate that problem.

All players will separate into two or more teams. Each team will be given a different colored glow-stick, so that all teams will know who is friend and who is foe.

Player are not allowed at anytime to remove or hide their glow-stick.

Other than this, all the rules are the same as normal elimination.

None that I know of.
This game can be sort of a problem if you have people on your teams who may be tempted to cheat and hide their glow-stick, but if you are not worried, then it can be a lot of fun.

See all 5 photos A game of elimination. 8) Disarm the BombIn order to play, you need to divide into two team. One will be the Bomb Squad, and the other will be the terrorists. The Bomb Squad’s job is to disarm a bomb, which will go off in a designated amount of time. However, the Bomb Squad needs a code to shut off the bomb, which is held by the terrorists.

Players will divide into two equal teams.

The team that is the terrorists may place the bomb anywhere on the field, but it must be accessible to the Bomb Squad.

If a terrorist is shot, he is considered to be captured, and he must tell the Bomb Squad the code to disable the bomb.

The Bomb Squad must reach the bomb before the time limit is up, or else the game is lost.

If all of the Bomb Squad is killed, then the game is also considered to be over.

Even if all of the terrorists die, the game still does not end until the Bomb Squad gets to the bomb with the code.

If you know someone who is good with making things, then you can ask them to make a box with a paint grenade in it that goes off at the time limit. This makes things very realistic.

The Bomb Squad can have a technician, who the Bomb Squad must protect if they want to disable the bomb.
9) Cowboy PaintballThis is an interesting variation that doesn’t even require a paintball gun. If you don’t have one, then you need to buy a slingshot.

Each player must play with only a slingshot.

Players can only carry a small number of paintballs with them.

Other than this, it is basically an elimination game or any other game that you want to play.

A few (but not very many people) have paintball bows. If this is the case. It can be a Cowboys VS Indians game.
This game can be difficult since they can be hard to aim and fire accurately. But if you practice, then you can dominate at this.

10) ScrambleThis game is called scramble because that is what players will do as they try to organize themselves before the other team players do. In order to play, everyone will be given either paintballs or a gun, and you must find someone on your team who has the corresponding piece.

Each player will pick either two pods of paintballs or two paintball guns.

When the round starts, players of the same team must run and find another person who has what they need. They then trade so that they can now fight the other team.

As soon as you have what you need, you may fire on the opposite team.


If you have only a few people, you can hide paint pods all over the field and give each player a gun. This way, players must run around the field to get paint for their guns.

If you have a lot of guns and people, you can also give one person an air tank, so that you must find three people to get a complete gun.

Final WordHopefully you will enjoy playing these games and if you have any suggestions or other games that you like playing, please tell us about them in the comment section.
Have fun and stay safe!

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