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Causes of Poverty

A person living in poverty on many occasions does not have peace of mind because of always worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Unorganized loans can leave the borrower worse

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The Value of Valuing Life

What if all national policy were embedded in such a value? See Great Company Or Growing Industry? These types of studies are referred to as stated preference studies. It will

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The effects of Alcatraz

Level 4, the " Hell of Scorching Flames is even hotter than Level Three (in fact, it's the heat from this level that keeps the above one hot as a

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J. Edgar Hoover An Abuser of Power

j. Edgar Hoover An Abuser of Power

Washington Post, Area Writer Investigating Inslaw Case Found Dead, August 13, 1991. A month later, fire would destroy the day care center itself. In my opinion, the Gehlen Organization provided nothing worthwhile for understanding or estimating Soviet military or political capabilities in Eastern Europe or anywhere else. By the end, hundreds of thousands of rounds were fired at AIM positions, two AIM members were killed, 14 seriously injured, and eight 'disappeared'. One specifically alarming case is that of Egyptian Ali Muhammed. Why have Al-Qaeda and the United States fought on the same side of multiple wars? 136 The Guardian, Obama knew CIA secretly monitored intelligence committee, senator claims, March 5, War It is another common misconception that during Republican presidencies we have periods of war, and during Democratic presidencies we have periods of peace. The FBI also had the policy of arresting Panther members for any reason, even just on suspicion of crime without evidence, for the purpose of exhausting the Party's funds to pay bonds. I asked if he was interested in information regarding Larry King and he said, yes we are, we're conducting what he called a supersensitive investigation of Larry King and he said this investigation was so supersensitive that they were not even using the steno pool.

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j. Edgar Hoover An Abuser of Power

The Child Prostitution Sex Ring Involving the Bush Why, martin Luther King Distrusted Jesse Jackson Soledad Brother John Clutchette granted parole will Lifting the Veil - Want to know

When police finally launched a major inquiry, in 1991, they secured the conviction of only four care workers and concluded that there was no evidence of a paedophile ring. BBC has also reported on this story.70 65 BBC, Tribal Leader Killed in Afghanistan, June 23, 2009 66 PakTribune, Why Does Zainuddin Want To Kill Baitullah? Hollander later attempted to bring her case before the Supreme Court, but nothing came of her complaint. New York Times The San Jose Mercury described the West Point scandal and its relation to ritual abuse in chilling detail: There had been sex abuse cases involving day care centers at several other Army bases. "The Genius: James Brown". The furious ex-policeman said: It wasnt that we ran out of leads but it reached a point where a warning to stop came. 234 Historian Daniel Ganser, eminent Gladio researcher, in his book nato's Secret Armies, page 3, available in PDF here.

Inconvenient truths You can either be informed and be your own rulers, or you can be ignorant and have someone else, who is not ignorant, rule over you. The articles below chronicle the very real behavior of the power elite in america. James Joseph Brown (May 3, 1933 December 25, 2006) was an American singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, record producer and bandleader. A progenitor of funk music and a major figure of 20th century popular music and dance, he is often referred to as the Godfather of Soul. This article is truly pathetic.

Research Report: Edgar Allen Poes Texts, Analysis of A Dream within a Dream by Edgar Alla,