Some years back, a small Apple game developer built an arcade game for iPhone with an expectation of selling 10-20 thousand units in their lifetime. The game was launched and received overwhelming response selling those many units in a single day! The total number of selling copies reached 810,000 in one year and the net revenue (after an Apple’s cut) was around $1.5 million. Furthermore, Handmark’s Cassidy Lackey once stated that while their GTS World Racing game is available on various smartphones, the iPhone version yields 98 percent of their revenue.

These figures are inspiring and in a past couple of years, the market of iPhone games has witnessed staggering growth. This is why smart businesspersons now take this as a business beyond entertainment. With more than 28,000 iPhone apps being downloaded millions of times, every third download is a game or an entertainment application. What all this suggests? Certainly, iPhone game app is not just entertainment, it is business these days! Engaging iPhone game app can soon become a gravy train for the owner but there are also some challenges.

It’s good to try, it’s good to go. Nevertheless, here we come with some potential tips to keep in mind before you think of earning good bucks by having iPhone game applications.

Piracy is negligible, so don’t worry

If you worry about piracy, it’s not a big deal when comes to game development for iPhone. The unauthorized download of iPhone games may spike initially but that’s very negligible. Approximately 5-7% of cases reported this, which further even came down.

Price factor -tackle it with a trick

On iTunes, 99-cents apps are the most sought after products but then you can surely experiment with your iPhone game if you think is engaging and addictive. While many sell their graphic-rich games at $10, you may keep them between $3-7. According to a known panelist Danielle Cassley, it’s better to keep the game price low on initial stage so to get into top chart. Once it becomes popular, the owners are free to increase the price. People don’t mind paying more if they really like the game.

Smartly developed game -use every corner of phone wisely

Though not directly affecting the business, it is a crucial thing to keep in mind. The big players in iPhone game industry state that configuration of controls is one of the challenging tasks game developer faces. For instance, iPhone’s multi-touch functionalities are beyond mouse or d-pad controls that need to be understood well while iPhone game development. The space is limited and thus every corner of the phone should be used wisely.

The iPhone game developer should have special skills to make the game feature rich without increasing the complexity. Smart game maker would combine several touches into the gestures to make it happen. Indeed, for this, they have to think different from general video game developers.

Advertisements in iPhone games -small thing with big difference

Ads may earn you a good amount of money when placed on iPhone games. The ads can be placed in free as well as paid games. Nevertheless, the content of advertisement and its placement on the screen of iPhone does matter. You may research about this or ask iPhone game app developer to assist you.

The last essential thing to learn here is there is no way you can offer a ‘free demo’ of an iPhone game. The smart practice is to ask iPhone game developers to make a ‘lite’ version of the game to go on ‘free list’ and the full version on ‘paid category’.

Above mentioned are few things you can keep in mind while going for iPhone game apps development. This will help you build probably the best game topping the chart on iTunes.

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