Digital assets are central to a company’s operation. These assets are the key component to many parts of the business including market research and development, marketing, brand management and of course, sales. In some cases such as advertising, the business model of an organization might revolve completely around digital assets. The growing volume and complexity of these assets and especially the multi channel nature of how they are used are dictating the need for a whole new set of capabilities and functions. Traditional approaches to Digital Media Asset Management are being replaced by scalable, highly performant and user centric solutions. These solutions extend far beyond the traditional ‘DAM Solution’, which focused on simple functions such as storage and retrieval. Solutions now must reach into enterprise applications and workflow.

Media Asset Management solutions provide a centralized location where any digital file can be searched and accessed easily and efficiently. Given the number of different groups now leveraging the assets, functions such as version control, security, search and reusability are becoming even more critical. But, in every business, predictability, productivity and efficiency, remain high priorities and this is why a streamlined and integrated digital asset workflow is the new priority.

Evolphin has created a set of products called Zoom, which tightly integrate Media Asset Management and Workflow. Solutions from evolphin are being used across industries and across functions. Marketers, Advertisers, Game Developers, Video production companies, Healthcare businesses and Retailers are now driving control and productivity into their media asset management process.

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