Avetix Free provides advanced protection for your computer without costing you anything.
It helps to guard against the full range of potential security threats including viruses, worms, spyware and Trojans to help keep your computer and your important data safe at all times. It also provides browser protection to help ensure that you can open your email and download any attachments with peace of mind.
All suspicious files will automatically be blocked.

Providing fully comprehensive protection against all forms of malicious software and other possible threats, Avetix Free intercepts potential security issues before they have a chance to do any damage to your computer or your data. Additionally, it provides anti-adware technology to help make your browsing experience safer and more productive.
Thanks to its preventive action features, Avetix Free removed viruses and other malicious programs and code before they can actually appear on your computer. This is achieved by the fact that the program scans files and archives before they are downloaded from the Internet or opened on your computer or from an external storage device.

Advanced Email Protection
A great deal of malicious software makes its way onto a computer through email attachments, but with Avetix Free at your disposal, you no longer have to worry about such dangers when working with your email. It detects and controls potential threats as you check your email by using a variety of targeted controls.

It detects suspicious content such as potential phishing scams, theft techniques such as rootkits and an extensive range of Trojans that could otherwise allow a hacker to get control over your computer. This kind of protection also applies to instant messaging programs by checking any files that you receive before you actually download them.

Customizable Profiles
Avetix Free allows you to choose from a variety of user profiles to best suit your requirements and the way in which you use your computer. There are four different profiles available to choose from including one for those who want a less invasive solution that will not interrupt them while they browse the Internet or play online games among other activities.
There is also a completely customizable profile whereby you can select your preferred options to allow the program to perfectly suit your particular requirements.

Protect Your Computer in Real-time
For any antivirus program to truly be effective, it must offer real-time protection to ensure that threats are dealt with before they have a chance to cause a real problem. Designed to guarantee constant protection for your computer during your everyday online and offline activities, the program will notify you immediately upon detecting a potential threat or any other kind of suspicious activity.
However, unlike many computer security suites, Avetix Free does not affect the efficiency of your computer in any way. Instead, you can enjoy optimal performance at all times due to the fact that the program leaves only a minimal footprint on system resources.

You can learn more about Avetix Free at avetix.com , or you can upgrade to the Pro version to take advantage of an even more extensive range of features.

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